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Just as your car needs regular maintenance to protect its parts, so does your home comfort system. Semi-annual maintenance performs specific heating and cooling procedures that protect your home comfort system’s refrigerant and mechanical components.

From our licensed service technicians, to our friendly office staff, everyone at Thompson strives for excellent customer service. We realize our services are performed at your home or business, that’s why cleanliness, timeliness, and professionalism are our top priority.

Protect your investment for as little as $19.99/month.

With your enrollment, you’ll get Thompson’s top-performing expert service with
every visit.

Talk with your technician today about how to keep the air in your home
or office healthier, while saving you money on your energy bills in every season.

"I would like to give thanks to Mark 
and John on a job well done. They were very professional and friendly. My new furnace was installed when they said it would, the estimate held true, and clean up was meticulous."
- Tommy L.

Our Complete Checklists

Your Cooling Inspection Includes:

  • Test refrigerant charge
  • Test capacitors
  • Test safety controls
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure volts/amps
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check condensate drains
  • Check air filters
  • Check indoor blower wheel
  • Check temperature drop

Your Heating Inspection Includes:

  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Check gas pressure
  • Inspect ignition assembly
  • Vacuum furnace control section
  • Verify proper flue draft
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check furnace safeties
  • Measure volts / amps
  • Check air filters
  • Check indoor blower wheel
  • Check temperature rise

Home comfort upgrades to consider

Programmable Thermostats
A programmable thermostat will provide your home with energy
savings and more accurate control of your home comfort system.

Healthy Air Purifiers
Keep the germs out your home with an RGF PHI cell. Kills what
your filter can’t catch.

Whole Home Humidifiers
Get rid of static electricity and dry skin. A humidifier attaches
to your furnace or air handler and adds moisture to air moving
through the duct system. It helps to maintain optimal comfort
during heating seasons by minimizing problems associated
with dry air, and creates a healthier home and lessens skin
irritations, sore throats and respiratory problems.
Indoor Air Quality
Keep the air in your home clean and forget changing your filters
with Media Air Cleaners.

Home Zoning Options
Increase your comfort level while conserving energy. An excellent
method to do this is through zoning. By using dampers and
multiple thermostats that connect to a zone control panel,
control of temperature in individual areas can be achieved.

Evergreen Blower Motors
Evergreen is the world’s first high-efficiency replacement motor
that is designed to replace factory blower motors in HVAC
systems. It uses up to 25% less energy in operating mode and
up to 74% less energy than a standard motor in constant fan.
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