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Thompson Heating & Cooling offers new HVAC installation and replacement in Louisville, KY.

There’s no good time to realize the heating or cooling system in your home or commercial building isn’t working the way that it should. When things reach the point where repair work simply won’t cut it, and you’re in need of a new system, proper HVAC installation service becomes first priority.

At Thompson Heating & Cooling in Louisville, KY, we have a trained staff of licensed install technicians who are standing by waiting to help you with HVAC installation and replacement services. Backed by our customer service and satisfaction, your comfort is our first priority. Give us a call today if you’re in need of HVAC installation.

8 Signs You Need an HVAC Replacement

When things are no longer working as they should, HVAC installation of a new system may be your only option. There is the option to repair your system, but sometimes that’s not the best choice. There are some telltale signs that can help you catch it early and allow you to better prepare for an HVAC replacement. Here are 8 signs to look out for that may indicate you need an HVAC replacement:

  1. Increased Running Time: Your system should kick on in the heat of the day (or cool of the evening) and run for a short-period of time to heat or cool your home efficiently and then it shuts off. If you notice your system is running all day long, it is working overtime to get the same job done. This will increase your monthly bills and run your HVAC system out fairly quickly.
  2. Unusual Noises or Sounds: A well-maintained AC unit and furnace in Louisville, KY should run fairly quietly. Sure, you may hear the fan kick on – but that’s about it. If you hear squealing or grinding, it’s time to have your HVAC contractor come in and inspect your unit.
  3. Lots of Repairs/ Expensive Repairs: Older systems have more frequent and expensive repairs. If you need to get a repair for an older system that’s going to cost you more than $1,000, then you may be better off simply putting that money towards a new system. There’s no telling how much your repair is going to cost next time, or the time after that.
  4. You Don’t Perform Regular Maintenance: If you can’t remember the last time you had your HVAC system serviced, you can bet that you’ll have an expensive replacement on your hands soon. This is why we recommend regular preventative HVAC maintenance in Louisville, KY to extend the life of your system.
  5. Age of Your HVAC System: When your system is 10 years old or more, the inevitability of an HVAC replacement becomes even more pressing. To find the manufacture date, look on the side of both your indoor and outdoor unit. If your manufacture date is more than 10 to 12 years old, then there’s a good chance your air conditioner will need to be completely replaced soon.
  6. Freon Refrigerant: It’s been 10 years since the EPA banned R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon.
    Most systems that are Large dust accumulation in your Louisville, KY home can indicate a new HVAC installation.manufactured now don’t even use the stuff anymore, which now means that Freon itself is becoming harder and harder to find. But if you happen to have a system that still uses Freon, it will need to be replaced soon.
  7. Soaring Energy Bills: If you’ve recently noticed that your energy bills have ballooned it’s likely because your air conditioner or heater needs more power to do the same amount of work. This effect usually only snowballs and leads to more and more energy being used and higher energy bills.
  8. You’re Seeing More Dust: Your HVAC system is working hard to heat and cool your home, but it also provides ventilation and keeps the humidity under control. If you begin noticing more dust accumulating and/or higher humidity levels than normal, it could indicate your AC unit isn’t efficient enough and you may need to install a new one.

4 Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC System

Knowing when to simply repair your HVAC unit or get a full replacement can be difficult.

However, if you’re leaning closer to needing HVAC installation, the benefits that come along with it are worth considering!

  1. Improved Comfort: Finally, you can relax and enjoy the seasons in Louisville, KY throughout the year without sweltering in your living room or wearing a coat in the office.
  2. Better Air Quality: Breath deep with less particles in the air, reduced pet dander, dust, and mites.
  3. Increased Resale Value: Your HVAC system will pay you back if you plan to move in the future by increasing your home’s resale value.
  4. Energy Efficiency & Saving Money: Enjoy the savings month after month as your utility bills drop due to the increased efficiency of your new HVAC system.

A new efficient HVAC installation or replacement can save you money on your energy bill.

We can help find a system that meets both Energy Star requirements and boasts and high SEER ratings. These two systems ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly bills through peak performance, or looking for an eco-friendly system to reduce your carbon footprint, we can help with both!

Installing a New System with Thompson Heating & Cooling

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